An Easy Guide to Caring for Bonsai Tree

The Little Book of Bonsai: An Easy Guide to Caring for Your Bonsai Tree

This charming, beautifully photographed beginner’s guide from a trusted bonsai expert covers all the basics to keep your bonsai alive and happy. Jonas Dupuich, founder of the #1 bonsai blog in the U.S., shares his passion and expert advice with anyone looking…

Bonsai trees are a beautiful addition to any home, and with a little bit of care, they can last for years. Here is an easy guide to caring for your bonsai tree:

Watering: Bonsai trees need to be watered regularly, especially in the summertime. Make sure to water your tree whenever the soil feels dry to the touch.

Fertilizing: Bonsai trees need to be fertilized every few months to keep them healthy. Use a fertilizer specifically designed for bonsai trees, and follow the instructions on the package.

Pruning: Bonsai trees need to be pruned regularly to maintain their shape. Depending on the type of bonsai tree you have, you will need to prune it at different times during the year. Ask a specialist for advice about when and how to prune your specific tree.

Repotting: Bonsai trees will eventually outgrow their pots, so they will need to be repotted every few years. Choose a pot that is slightly larger than the one your tree is currently in, and use bonsai soil to fill it.

With a little bit of care, your bonsai tree will thrive for years to come!